Commercial EV Charge Points

The sale of electric vehicles is on the rise and, with petrol and diesel cars apparently on the way out, drivers are looking for places to charge up while on the road. That’s one of the reasons why commercial properties have seen an increase in EV charging points in recent times.

If you have a shop or store and want to attract more footfall, having a charge point adjacent to your property makes good financial sense. Your customer can boost their battery while they’re taking a look around your establishment.

At Eco Energy, we provide EV charge point installations for commercial premises. As an agent for one of the leading EV charge point designers and manufacturers in the EU, Rolec, we’ve got a wide variety of installations available to meet practically any need.

The latest fast charging points can be a huge attraction to the growing number of electric car owners around today. It’s led to charging points in places like supermarkets and retail complexes as well as near smaller businesses.

  • Your EV charge point will be installed by an expert team who are fully qualified. We’re registered with ELECSA, the trade body for electricians.
  • You can access government funding through the OLEV grant and improve your overall sustainability level at the same time.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to future proof your business. The government is looking towards technology that helps lower carbon emissions, including converting to electric cars and away from petrol and diesel ones. EV charges will soon be seen as an essential business facility.
  • EV charge points for commercial properties are easy to maintain and come with a range of different options depending on your needs and your budget.

If you’d like to find out how your own business property can benefit from an EV charging point or two, contact our friendly team today.

Home Charging

If you have an electric car and need a charging point installed at home, it couldn’t be simpler. Ask the Eco Energy team to assess your location and get the hi-tech charging solution your property needs today.

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Commercial Charging

Businesses of all types are rushing to install EV charging points on or near their premises. Not only do they help attract more customers and increase footfall but they help build an impressive sustainability rating for your business.

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Workplace Charging

Whether you have a fleet of electric vehicles or simply want to provide visitors and staff with some value added extra, installing a charger in the workplace makes a lot of sense. Smart reporting options allow you to set tariffs and define access.

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Ready to go green? Get in touch to book your installation today.

Grants and Schemes

Rolec provide the widest selection of EV charging options in Europe, devices that are compatible with all the leading car manufacturers on the market today. Our experienced and professional team is committed to high levels of service, delivering tailored solutions for both homeowners and businesses.

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