Domestic EV Charge Points

Installing a home EV charge point is a great idea for electric car owners. It means you don’t have to worry about charging up your car overnight. Your own supply can even save you money on more expensive charge points.

The good news is that installation is relatively simple and you can currently get financial help through the government backed OLEV grant scheme. This could help you with 75% of the cost of installation up to a maximum of £500.

Installing a dedicated EV charge point in your home means that you will be able to power up your car quicker and always have access to an electricity source when you need it. With the increasing number of electric cars on the market nowadays, having a charge point installed can also add to the value of your property should you come to sell it.

Home EV charge points at a glance:

  • Our Rolec charge points are compatible with all makes of electric vehicle.
  • Most properties that we deal with only require a standard installation.
  • You can choose between a range of different chargers with variable speeds.
  • Our charge points are durable and safe for all weather conditions. They also come with a 3 year guarantee.
  • You can choose from standard devices to smart EV chargers that monitor your usage.

Why choose Eco Energy for your EV Charge Point?

We’re based in South West Wiltshire and Hampshire. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions for our domestic customers. A highly professional team will be able to assess your home and recommend the right EV charge point for your needs.
Working as an agent for a leading designer and manufacturer such as Rolec means we are always at the forefront of EV charging technology. We’re also registered with ELECSA, the trade association for electricians. If you’d like to discover how easy it is to install an EV charging point in your home, contact our friendly team today.

Home Charging

If you have an electric car and need a charging point installed at home, it couldn’t be simpler. Ask the Eco Energy team to assess your location and get the hi-tech charging solution your property needs today.

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Commercial Charging

Businesses of all types are rushing to install EV charging points on or near their premises. Not only do they help attract more customers and increase footfall but they help build an impressive sustainability rating for your business.

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Workplace Charging

Whether you have a fleet of electric vehicles or simply want to provide visitors and staff with some value added extra, installing a charger in the workplace makes a lot of sense. Smart reporting options allow you to set tariffs and define access.

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Ready to go green? Get in touch to book your installation today.

Grants and Schemes

Rolec provide the widest selection of EV charging options in Europe, devices that are compatible with all the leading car manufacturers on the market today. Our experienced and professional team is committed to high levels of service, delivering tailored solutions for both homeowners and businesses.

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